An Ode to the Caring Ones


About The Art

Yegna tells us why Ethiopia’s community health workers are life-savers across the country. Yegna's song 'The Caring Ones' celebrates Ethiopia's 40,000 health extension workers, who are all female, for the huge strides they have made in improving child and maternal health. Their work has resulted in increased immunization coverage, and better health for mothers and children. The extension workers are living and working all across the country, including in remote regions that were traditionally hard to access, giving all Ethiopian families a healthier start at life.

Read the English translation to their song, recorded in their native Amharic.

"The Caring Ones"

There are those who walk ahead
And remove obstacles from our road
Who when they see another fall
Feel their pain and empathize

The reason you see me standing here
So vital and so strong
Is cause the caring ones came ahead
And cleared all the obstacles in my path

And so it is!

My right to health was upheld
My childhood was protected
Because of those who stood up
And defended our rights for our sake

No matter one’s race or ethnicity
It sows health and protects all from danger
And so we are healthy, we survive and thrive
Because of those who gave of their knowledge and time
We say RESPECT to those who knew and shared their knowledge
And those who did the right thing once informed
So that the next generation is a vibrant one
Let us sow the seeds of health

For the world!
People standing for people for the world!

I would not be who I am today – with my strength and health
If they had forgotten me when I was a child
To those who gave so much and tired for our health
I give my thanks and my respect
And it is to them that I sing this song!


“Yegna is proud to be a part of the Art of Saving a Life, to help raise awareness of immunisation in Ethiopia.”

Yegna is a behaviour change radio drama, talk show, and music platform that champions girls and creates a national conversation about their potential. The radio drama and talk show address issues such as violence against girls, forced marriage, teenage pregnancy and school attendance. To do this, it uses female and male role models to shift attitudes and behaviours towards girls. The music drives listeners to the radio drama and talk show. Every song aims to inspire girls and the lyrics send a message about their potential. Yegna's debut song Abet won 'Best Single' at the Leza Listeners' Choice Awards, 2013. Since the band launched in April 2013, their two music videos have received more than 2.5 million hits on the internet and Yegna has collaborated with some of Ethiopia's most well-known talent including Aster Aweke and Haile Roots. Read more about Yegna.

The Making Of

Have a look at these behind the scenes photos of Yegna as they record ‘The Caring Ones’ in Addis Ababa.

Photos courtesy of Yegna.

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