Sebastião Salgado

The End of Polio

  • Amar Jyoti rehabilitation and research center founded in 1981 to work with polio-disabled children provides education, occupational therapy, physiotherapy and vocational training, East Delhi. India.

  • Polio vaccination in the village of Irro-Jo Whandhio, situated in Nagar Parkar Region, Mithi District, in the desert of Thar, border of Pakistan with India’s Rajasthan State.

  • Polio vaccination campaign in Bardale, a village about 50 kms away from Baidoa. Armed guards accompany the health workers for their protection, Somalia.

  • The population of the cattle camp of Keny walk toward the polio vaccinators as soon as they arrive. Maper Payem area. Rumbek District, Southern Sudan.

  • Polio vaccination at the cattle camp of Wumpul, in the Maper Payem area. Rumbek District, Southern Sudan.

About The Art

Here, we look again at Sebastião Salgado’s powerful images of the fight to end polio. Sebastião made this series of iconic photographs in 2001,as the effort to eradicate polio gained global momentum. Sebastião traveled to remote areas of southern Sudan, Somalia, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Pakistan and India – to document health workers, officials and communities vaccinating all children. The conditions were as harsh as the images are powerful and provocative. The photographs were published in magazines around the world, toured as an exhibit and were published in a book, The End of Polio.

Today, polio is cornered in just a few areas of the world, and with continued perseverance, the end of polio is in sight.

Sebastião Salgado
“The immense efforts to eradicate polio renewed my hope, my faith in solutions. The world cannot afford to miss this chance to finish with a disease.”

Sebastião Salgado is one of the world’s best known and admired social documentary photographers. His most recent work, Genesis, is the result of an 8-year survey of wildlife, remote landscapes and indigenous peoples. He has traveled to over 100 countries, and is a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador. Learn more about Sebastião Salgado.

Photo Credit: UNICEF/HQ01-0123/ Nicole TOUTOUNJI

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