Han Feng

Health Workers are Superheroes

  • Han Feng’s practical and glamorous health worker uniform. The fabric is the same used by China’s famous community “barefoot doctors”.

  • The uniform has useful pockets for carrying vital tools.

  • The uniform features flamboyant tailoring.

  • Han Feng has included details of childlike embroidery.

  • Detail from Han Feng’s uniform.

  • Detail from Han Feng’s uniform.

  • Detail from Han Feng’s uniform.

About The Art

Chinese artist and designer Han Feng knew that health workers had to have practical clothing, but she also wanted to insert a bit of glamour, to reflect their role as heroes to many. With a big nod to China’s famous rural community “barefoot doctors”, and recognizing that health workers often come from villages with limited resources, Han fashioned a jacket out of old Chinese military uniforms. Lined with an inner layer of cotton for comfort and ventilation, this utilitarian jacket with flamboyant tailoring not only has pockets positioned for the vital tools and equipment needed to deliver vaccines, it also features embroidery of imagery and text in childlike broad strokes, highlighting health workers’ passion and devotion to the cause and the hopes and future they bring to children and their family.

Hang Feng
“I wanted this uniform to have a hint of magic and glamour, to celebrate the extraordinary work that health workers do.”

Han Feng is one of the most sought-after designers in the world, not only for her clothing and accessories, but also for her costume and home designs. She is one of the few designers capable of bridging contemporary Chinese style and culture with a global perspective. Her work to design costumes for Madama Butterfly and other operas has been highly acclaimed. Read more about Han Feng.

Photo credit: Andrew Rowat

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