Glen Wexler

Jonas Salk’s Vision

About The Art

American photographer Glen Wexler creates a dazzling photo illustration of Jonas Salk’s forward-thinking and creative mindset that led him to develop the polio vaccine. Glen’s inspiration is Jonas Salk’s quote: “Intuition will tell the thinking mind where to look next.” The digital photograph features a healthy child playing with building blocks, symbolizing the innovation and intuition that Salk embodied in his devotion to finding a solution to polio, historically one of the world’s biggest cripplers of children. Glen says the architectural structures represent global accomplishments, while the shiny building blocks tell the story of each new generation building on the achievements of the past by intuitively tapping into infinite creative possibilities.

Glen Wexler
“I believe that the healthy child depicted in this idealized setting points to a better future with unlimited possibilities for global achievements.”

Glen Wexler’s pictures take the viewer deep into make-believe worlds that look real. His signature style of “improbable realities” has earned an international client base and the following of photography collectors. Known as a visionary and a digital wizard, Glen has created a huge range of work, from photographing Michael Jackson to bringing SCUBA diving cows to life. He has created iconic album covers for bands like Van Halen and Black Sabbath. Read more about Glen Wexler.

Photo: Glen Wexler Studio

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