Frank Viva

Days of Tranquility

About The Art

Artist Frank Viva brings his style and vision to imagine days when war briefly ceases and health workers can bring services to children. “Days of Tranquility” are a temporary truce called during a conflict, to allow humanitarian assistance including immunization into communities. Here, Frank depicts two warring factions who have been halted by an invisible force. Creating a stark contrast, the child and nurse are happy, innocent, and oblivious to the looming conflict. This despite the fact that the two forbidding and colorless armies have piled up against the invisible lines – ready to resume combat at a moment’s notice. A few soldiers look more sympathetic, imagining their own families at home. Frank writes that the piece is “a little like Moses parting the Red Sea – illustrating a modern day miracle of sorts.”

Frank Viva
“I was drawn to the subject matter because of the term 'Days of Tranquility'. It is at once poetic and idealistic – and underscores the hopeful truth that humanity and tolerance can shine through even during the ugliest of times.”

Frank Viva is a Canadian illustrator, designer and writer. He is a frequent cover artist for The New Yorker magazine and his first book, Along a Long Road, was a best-seller and a The New York Times 10 Best Illustrated Children’s Book selection. Frank’s fourth book, Young Frank, Architect, was the first picture book ever created for the Museum of Modern Art’s publication department, and was on several “best of” lists in 2013. Read more about Frank Viva.

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