Evgeny Parfenov

James P. Grant and the Child Survival Revolution

About The Art

Evgeny Parfenov introduces his touching vision of James P. Grant, the man who led UNICEF from 1980-1995. James P. Grant’s leadership of the “child survival revolution” resulted in rapid improvements in immunization coverage in poor countries. Evgeny chose to portray Grant, who passed away in 1995, as serene and wise. He placed special focus on the birds in the portrait, which are “dispersed slightly at random, as if they are at play, like children.” Evgeny writes, “We see several birds in the foreground taking flight from Grant’s face, as if they owe their lives and their freedom to the outcome of his mission, his hard work, his struggle, with wrinkles summarizing the trials he has been through, his life’s work, and his wisdom.”

“His gaze is open, serene and wise, aimed at the viewer.”

Russian illustrator Evgeny Parfenov is a freelance artist/illustrator popular for his unique and vibrant celebrity illustrations. With a hint of Soviet Realism and his broad paint strokes, Evgeny creates colorful works of art that pop right out of the canvas. Learn more about Evgeny Parfenov.

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