Deborah Kelly

Lucy, Olivia, Emma

About The Art

Deborah’s theme is HPV vaccine - a critical tool to prevent cervical cancer. Deborah worked with three healthy girls on the threshold of adolescence, whose ideas about what they think is important for and about girls informs the artwork of photographic portraiture and paper collage. As Deborah explains: “The work is a combination of the cool eye of the camera with the warmth of hand cut photomontage, since that juxtaposition evokes a sense of history and the future, of contact between disparate times and places, the collapse of dimensions, the whole weight of traces of material, visual, reproduced heritage that suggests the body hurtling through time, trailing history and culture, seeking life in all its possibility. The work proposes a link between what is important to girls and the critical, complex, interwoven tasks of protecting them against ignorance, prejudice and disease.”

Deborah Kelly
“I hope the work I have made in collaboration with Lucy, Olivia and Emma can be a part of the great political and cultural struggles for the healthy, educated, powerful lives of girls and women.”

Australian artist Deborah Kelly has created a prolific body of mixed-media artworks that are at once unexpected, humorous, provocative, and profound. Often politically motivated, Kelly’s artworks explore ideas of power in all its manifestations, highlighting racial, sexual and religious prejudices and histories. Deborah’s art has been shown in streets, skies and galleries around Australia, in the Sydney, Singapore and Venice Biennales, and currently at MOMA PS1. Learn more about Deborah Kelly.

Photo Credit: Su Goldfish

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