Christoph Niemann

Keeping vaccines cold in the hottest spots

  • Preventable diseases still pose a grave threat.

  • Vaccination can offer great protection.

  • Ensuring kids can grow up safe...

  • ...from many of the world’s most notorious diseases.

  • But, it’s a huge challenge to get the vaccines to many of the people who need them, especially in the poorest countries.

  • Vaccines are sensitive to heat. This can quickly render them useless.

  • Proper cooling can protect the vaccines.

  • But kids don’t always live in places with electricity and refrigerators. How to get the vaccine safely to them?

  • There is a linked system of cold storage devices, also called a “cold chain.”

  • The vaccines can travel from major cities to the smallest, most remote community, and stay cool and safe the entire journey.

  • Improved solar powered refrigerators.

  • Creating dried vaccines

  • better small mobile cooling units.

  • Reducing weight and bulk.

  • Creating combined vaccines, thus reducing the size and the number of doctor visits.

  • A lot of work remains to be done.

  • But the invention of cold chains has been a huge step in making sure children around the world can be vaccinated.

About The Art

Delivering vaccines to hot climates requires a “cold chain” – a way to preserve vaccines temperature at a few degrees above freezing at all times. Christoph wanted to tell the cold chain story through new characters – a grown up and child bird. Using animation and charming, simple depictions, Christoph’s art brings you on a lively journey to some of the most remote places on earth.

Christoph Niemann
“The cold chain is a story about logistics and physics, but is mainly a story about personal ingenuity, enthusiasm and passion for helping others.”

Christoph Niemann’s graphic art has appeared on the covers of many popular magazines including The New Yorker, TIME and The New York Times Magazine. A unique visual thinker, Niemann encapsulates the essence of daily life in a profound and humorous way with a few concise strokes. Read more about Christoph Niemann.

Photo credit: Gene Glover

The Making Of

From his Berlin studio, watch Christoph explain why he wanted to be part of the project, and how he creates animal characters that show today’s successes, and tomorrow’s potential for reaching children everywhere with the vaccines they need.

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